About the Agency

Petroleum Bulk Procurement Agency ( PBPA )
Petroleum Bulk Procurement Agency ( PBPA ) is an executive agency established under the Executive Agencies Act Cap. 245 vested with mandates of coordinating and managing efficient procurement of petroleum products through bulk procurement system. This mandates emanates from the Petroleum Act, Cap. 392 ( RE 2010 ) and is operationalised by the Petroleum ( bulk Procurement ) Regulations, 2015 ( G.N. NO. 508 )
The aim of the Agency is to coordinate and manage efficient procurement of petroleum products through bulk procurement system
To be an effective and model institution in the procurement and delivery of quality and reliable petroleum products at national and regional levels
To provide quality and cost effective petroleum products through coordination and management of bulk procurement system to ensure reliability and security of supply and contribute to stustainable socio - economic and national development.
Specific Objectives
In order to achieve its mission and vision the Agency developed six ( 6 ) objectives as stipulated in the Strategic Plan, which are:

  1. Strengthening coordination of bulk procurement system of petroleum products;
  2. Improvement of financial resources management system;
  3. Improvement of Human resource management;
  4. Improvement of working environment;
  5. Reduction of HIV / AIDS infections and improvement of supporting services; and 
  6. Enhancement of National Anti-Corruption Policy and strategies.
Roles and Functions
The main roles and functions of PBPA are as follows:

  1. Forecast and determine demand and supply of petroleum products;
  2. Collect procurement requirements of petroleum products from OMCs;
  3. Conduct international competitive bidding for procurement of bulk petroleum products;
  4. Conclude and administer contracts with suppliers and between the Agency and OMCs;
  5. Relay information related to petroleum business to all relevant parties; and
  6. Coordinate diligent receipt by OMCs of petroleum products from the delivery vessels.

About PBPA

PBPA is a Government Agency which was established uder the Executive Agencies Act, vide GN. No. 423 of 25th September, 2015. As prescribed in the Regulations, the Agency is mandated to administer and manage the importation of petroleum products in the country.

PBPA Contacts

Tanzania Ports Authority, One Stop Center Building, 11th Floor
Sokoine Drive, Plot Number: 1/2
P.O.Box 2634 Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Telephone: +255 22 212 9009 
Fax: +255 22 212 9009
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.pbpa.go.tz