Register to import Petroleum Products through Bulk Procurement System

Regulation 6(1) of the Petroleum (Bulk Procurement) Regulations, 2017 G.N. No. 198 of 2017 requires OMCs to register with the Agency in order to import petroleum products.

The following documents must be submitted by an OMC when making an application to be registered by the Agency;

    1. Application letter;
    2. Certificate of Incorporation (certified copy);
    3. Wholesale license issued by EWURA (certified copy);
    4. Business Trading license (certified copy);
    5. TRA Importation license (certified copy);
    6. Tax clearance certificate;
    7. TIN Certificate (certified copy);
    8. Memorandum and Article of Association (certified copy);
    9. Specimen signature of at least two (2) representatives;
    10. List of staff responsible in handling all operations related to receive petroleum products;
    11. Copy of hospitality agreement(s);
    12. Three (3) month importation projections volume;
    13. Letter form BRELA showing the current status of the company including;
      • Name of shareholders (number of shares should be stated);
      • Name of directors; and
      • Last time the company filled returns.
    14. Comfort letter from OMC’s banker stating the OMCs financial position; and
    15. Source of financing; proved by letter from financier committing to finance the OMC.

Application fee

An OMC applying to be registered by the Agency shall be required to pay registration fees of Tsh. 5,000,000/= (Five Million Shillings Only) or as shall be approved by the Minister responsible for Petroleum affairs.

Deregistration of OMCs

OMCs registered with the Agency shall be deregistered and shall not be allowed to participate in tenders upon occurrence of either of the undermentioned incidences:-

  1. Upon expiration of OMCs petroleum wholesale license issued by EWURA; or
  2. Revocation of OMCs petroleum wholesale license issued by EWURA.

An OMC wishing to re-register with the Agency shall be required to pay Registration fee and submit all documents listed in items above.