PBPA Overview

PBPA is a Government Agency established under the Executive Agencies Act, vide GN. No. 423 of 25th September, 2015. As prescribed in the Regulations, the Agency is mandated to administer and manage the importation of petroleum products in the country.


To coordinate and manage efficient procurement of petroleum products through Bulk Procurement System (BPS)


To be an effective and model institution in the procurement and delivery of quality and reliable petroleum products at national and regional levels.


To provide quality and cost effective petroleum products through coordination and management of Bulk Procurement System to ensure reliability and security of supply and contribute to the sustainable socio-economic and national development.

    1. Forecast and determine demand and supply of petroleum products;
    2. Collect procurement requirements of petroleum products from OMCs;
    3. Conduct international competitive bidding for procurement of bulk petroleum products;
    4. Report to the Ministry on Agency’s activities on monthly basis or as may be required by the Ministry;
    5. Prepare plans and budget to cover its Operations;
    6. Conclude and administer contracts with suppliers and between Agency and OMCs;
    7. Relay information, in a timely manner, related to petroleum business to the Authority, Ministry responsible for Petroleum affairs, TRA, TPA, TBS, WMA and other relevant parties when requested;
    8. Coordinate diligent receipts by OMCs of petroleum products from the delivery vessels;
    9. Maintain records of the shipments and performance;
    10. Coordinate invoicing and collection of payments for respective shares of petroleum products imported by an OMC;
    11. Appoint an inspector to ensure delivery of acceptable quantity and quality of petroleum products;
    12. Issue directives and undertake any function that aims at improving efficiency procurement of petroleum products;
    13. Liaise with the Authority on issues related to the importation of petroleum products; and
    14. Report to the Minister and the Authority on Agency’s activities on a monthly basis or as may be required.